Amidst the threat of global environmental crisis, the challenge of this century is how to live and develop sustainably– in harmony with nature, while fostering community, and in conjunction with a modern quality of life.

Our Vision:

Develop, build, own, and operate fossil-fuel free energy and water supply solutions that will benefit future generations through sustainable growth, both profitably and responsibly, while inspiring affordable, sustainable living through OTEC systems and energy-efficient and chemical-free SWAC cooling.


Our Mission:

Inspire sustainable living and awareness for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) renewable energy and potable water by designing fossil-fuel free systems, supplying affordable clean power and water for communities, and exemplifying best practices in ecologically responsible developments.


Our Strategy:

Build a global network of high-quality eco-resorts with sustainable homes, condominiums, retail opportunities, and EcoHotel

  • We plan to build a global network of high-quality eco-resorts with sustainable homes, condominiums, retail opportunities and EcoHotel
  • Each sale of luxury EcoVillage residences will support the development of environmentally responsible affordable communities in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, currently in development
  • Our EcoVillages and Affordable Communities are powered by 100% fossil-fuel free Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) electricity which also provides the water for drinking, agriculture, and economic development
  • Buildings are cooled using energy-efficient and chemical-free systems such as Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC)
  • No fossil fuels allowed at EcoVillage or Affordable Communities


Our Projects:

EcoVillage Communities boast high-quality, self-sustaining homes and condominiums on a diverse landscape, while balancing their environmental impact with basic human necessities.

Our Affordable Communities will use simple, low cost construction technology combined with clean OTEC power and fresh water production, solving key challenges that embody affordable housing in developing countries: lack of reliable and inexpensive power, adequate fresh water supply, and plentiful food.

Our buildings are powered by renewable electricity and cooled by energy efficient and chemical free systems. Fresh water is produced for human consumption, aquaculture, and agriculture.