One Mission, Two Concepts

We are developing two concepts based on the same principle of marrying environmental responsibility with contemporary quality of life.

Our luxury EcoVillage and Affordable Communities deliver the most basic of human necessities to their inhabitants: renewable energy, clean air, water, food, and shelter.

True sustainability embodies a commitment to work in harmony with nature and with each other. That’s why every sale from our luxury resorts helps support our Affordable Community developments that are also in the planning stages. Without customers willing to buy expensive EcoVillage residences, we would be challenged to fund the development of affordable housing communities, which are in great demand in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, where 3.0 billion people live.

Urban Communities

Using indigenous materials, we will develop affordable housing structures that are resistant to calamitous weather related incidents.

Simple, low cost construction technology, combined with clean OTEC power and fresh water production, addresses key challenges that embody affordable housing in developing countries: lack of reliable and inexpensive power, adequate fresh water supply, and plentiful food.

The EcoVillage Concept

We are currently planning developments in the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. EcoVillage is an affordable community that sustains modern expectations of personal comfort and social stability. The concept is supported by integrated technologies for community benefit such as fresh water production, agriculture, aquaculture, and more. Powered by OTEC clean energy, our first EcoVillage Development is located in a secluded valley and overlooks the ocean. We plan a variety of services including the following:

  • EcoHotel and Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Business Center
  • Spanish Style Villas
  • Fitness Center
  • Organic Farmers Market
  • Grocery Store
  • Pharmacy



Information Technology

Each EcoVillage and Affordable Community combines the latest information technology with state-of-the-art management services. Commercial, home office, and studio facilities will be available with broad bandwidth or satellite communication links.

Design & Development

Our EcoVillage and Affordable Communities employ innovative planning, design, and building methods that enable homebuyers to participate in the design and construction of their own homes, if they choose. Natural materials, rough sawn timbers, super insulation, and large glass southern exposures create attractive energy efficiency and innovative design.

In addition to conventional housing, self-contained single-family studio and one-bedroom condominiums will be clustered around common activity, retail sites, health centers, workshops, and recreation areas. Private yards, patios, and gardens will surround each co-housing cluster.

Diverse Landscapes

EcoVillage communities are planned for diverse settings including coastal, agricultural, recreational, and urban environments. Hiking and bicycle paths will eliminate unnecessary auto traffic through the communities. These settings will boast beautiful views as well as providing recreational and health benefits.




Our goal is to provide attractive, modern and functional, residences while respecting and preserving our global ecosystem for generations to come. To achieve this goal, our projects are designed alongside innovative sustainable programs that produce clean energy, fresh water, and nutritious food.