Life Without Fossil Fuels

Modeled for complete self-sufficiency, each EcoVillage or Affordable Community will produce its own renewable energy, chemical-free cooling, fresh water, and food supply. In turn, our projects emit less carbon into the atmosphere and drive down the cost of living, which creates a 'win-win' situation for the environment and the economy.

Our experience enables us to design and build sustainable communities that are efficient, cost-effective, and supportive of the social, cultural, ecological, and economic dimensions of human existence.

Renewable Energy

Powered exclusively by Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), EcoVillage and Afforadable Communities will have access to unlimited clean electricity. This revolutionary technology boasts a competitive advantage over traditional energy production regarding accessibility, predictability, affordability, and emissions.

OTEC technology has been embraced and approved by the US Virgin Islands and the Philippines. These locations are under consideration as possible EcoVillage and Affordable Community sites.


Chemical-Free Cooling

 Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) technology provides efficient cooling for all buildings. SWAC can reduce electricity usage by up to 90% when compared to traditional air conditioning systems, and when developed in conjunction with Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), it operates without the use of fossil fuels. 




Reduced Carbon Emissions

  • OTEC saves 7,000 tons of CO2per year/MW
  • OTEC saves 15,000 bbls of oil per year/ MW
  • SWAC reduces carbon emissions by 80-90%
  • Skylights, wall mirrors, fresh air ventilation, and low energy-use appliances reduce energy requirements
  • Locally sourced food and water mean less shipping and reduces CO2 emissions

Local Agriculture

Each EcoVillage and Affordable Community will boast cluster housing as well as local, organic food production. Channeling rainfall runoff into irrigation and aquaculture ponds will support both traditional agriculture and fish farming. Private gardens are available for inhabitants while community farming will be managed by developer-appointed farmers and gardeners. Each harvest will be available in the Village Store and Farmers Market.



Sustainable Aquaculture

Over-fishing and pollution have drastically reduced and threatened the wild fish and marine life population.

Our objective is to imitate a natural ocean environment for sustainable fish farming.

The combination of OTEC and SWAC produce ideal conditions for aquaculture, and these technologies provide clean energy and recyclable water to power the operation.

Just one fish farm produces about 100 tons of live seafood per year– a model for EcoVillage and Affordable Communities

Water & Waste

Fresh water will be produced onsite using desalination technology powered by OTEC. Low-flush toilets, special shower heads, gray water use, and rain collecting systems all contribute to low-water consumption.

Advanced waste management systems properly eliminate waste, and include recycling, purification, composting, and recirculation of water.